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SEO CAREER? SEO? What is SEO and how do you start you SEO CAREER?  Today, we have a special guest who is going to share some of his advice with us. How did he start, what are useful SEO tools, and what do you need in order to start your career.Enjoy and leave a comment.

Hello, I’m Aashay, from Mumbai, India. I completed my engineering in plastics but after my highschool, I used the internet a lot for reading information on various subjects which made me get into the digital world. Thus, I made a great switch from an engineering field to digital marketing.

How did you become interested in SEO? How did you started, and what is your advice for people who are planning on doing something like this?

I got very excited during my digital marketing course about SEO  when I heard of crawlers, backlinks, and the entire way the search mechanism works. I was too excited to find a project to work on.

My advice for getting into SEO is to be patient as it takes time to rank. Whenever you go to your clients, promise them for ranking for long tail keywords. Don’t try ranking for shorter and most searched keywords. Be confident about it. Give complete assurance to them. Don’t have a weak stand like ‘you may or may not rank’ when you go to a client.

How did you find your first SEO gig?

The organization where I work is a great business model. It works as a digital marketing agency on weekdays and as a digital marketing training institute. The agency, trainers, students and the clients, everyone gets their benefit out of it. That’s where I made my right decision in choosing a right training institute. I got my first project, rather two within the two weeks of joining the course. The first project was of a construction equipment company, for which I’m doing an SEO. The other is a waste management plant for which I’m doing an online reputation management.

For those who aren’t aware of online reputation management, let me tell you about the project. One of the clients of the waste management company had posted some negative reviews about the company which ranks on the first page of Google. Now, our team is doing a continuous effort on it to push that negative result at least to the second page of search results. (We will talk about the details of it in my second article)

What are some of the most useful sources for studying SEO?


Search Engine Journal – It gives updates of latest updates from the digital world. Not only SEO but also Social Media and Adwords.

Backlinko.com – This is a website by Brian Dean. He is an expert in link building. He has some fantastic ideas that can improve your ranks like crazy. He has some fantastic techniques that can help you out with SEO.


What are some of the most useful SEO tools?

As per the nature of our construction company project we have around 30 products that are to be supplied in 4 cities. We concentrate on 120 keywords. We use authority labs as an SEO tool. It gives a list of positioning on google, bing and yahoo search results for 250 keywords.

Smallseotools is another better tool for it. Also use keyword planner for your research

Link building –link earning?

Yes, but don’t just go for any links. Check PR (Page Rank) before you get links. Getting links from a better source like reddit would be valuable than getting links from any random website. Also, other factors for seo to should be perfect to bring your website up there.

How long does it take to rank on the first page of google?

Depends on the keyword you put. I may copy the exact paragraph from your site in the search bar and you are out there at the first position. A long tail keyword will have a better probability for you to rank on the first page. And for a general keyword, that may take a long time. So, in general it may take 2 weeks to 6 months or maybe never if you are not even considering to do SEO.

What are other search engines you’re  using?

No. Haha.. None others. I don’t even remember of going to the second page of google…. So, SEO is important


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