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SEO Trends To Leverage Your Positioning In 2017

SEO Trends To Leverage Your Positioning In 2017
seo trends in 2017

Reaching a targeted audience according to your expectations depends on the strategies used to optimize your website or blog in search engines like Google, for example. And SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, which improve the positioning in the organic results of these mechanisms, change constantly, as well as in the fashion world, which also has its tendencies.


After the carnival that, for many, means the beginning of the year, it’s time to talk about how to leverage the positioning of search engines in 2017 and maintain a competitive advantage within the market. For this, it is necessary to have a responsive website, with fast page loading, with relevance and quality of content, ideal keywords, tagging, among other practices.


Although they have long been consolidated, they are very important and are always being reformulated. And they are all linked to the user experience.


With this, the SEO strategy needs to ensure the reader’s satisfaction with the content and especially with the navigation. After all, it is through it that the user comes to read the site, right?


So taking that into account, if you want to attract more and more visitors to your blog, you need to be very aware of the trends to position yourself in the top places of the search engines. Check out some strategies to have an excellent result:


Relevance in content:

In addition to worrying about URLs, keywords and tagging, investing in quality content is an essential strategy to retain and consolidate customers and even billing for your business. Content is a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for SEO as it brings authority and traffic to the site.


To create relevant material, think about your website. Identify what its needs are and research about it, because the more you know the topics of your website, the more you will be able to convert them to your campaigns.


The size of the text also influences the searches. The average contents that appear in the top positions are about 2,500 words.


Also, offer options to deepen your reader’s knowledge. You have to introduce them to something new that adds value to it. Raise new questions to escape the sameness. Look for current and trusted sources to produce genuinely interesting content to delight your audience.

Personal branding

The personal brand is the essence to ensure more success in SEO campaigns. This characteristic makes each individual unique. And it is this brand that passes credibility by increasing the engagement, trust, and authority of a site.


All of these factors drive more traffic to the page. Therefore, for the growth of an online business it is vital to work on personal brand.

User experience

We cannot stop talking about the user experience. Increasingly, day-to-day routine does not allow us to waste time on heavy and time-consuming websites.


Thinking about it, many pages are more agile and simple facilitating the navigation of the visitors. Do not let yours be left out of the search engines, which are well aware of this.




Finally, it is the measurement, which is perhaps one of the most important strategies. It is through the analysis of a lead’s journey that you must discover what your audience wants at each step of the funnel.


But it’s no use creating SEO strategies without investing in stock planning, KPI measurement, and metrics definition. It is also crucial to understand how search engines work to develop an assertive strategy.


Now that you’ve seen some optimization trends for ranking on search portals, do not waste time and optimize your site according to SEO practices.



In order for your blog to be easily accessed by the user and top-ranking in 2017, leave it optimized for mobile devices. Leaving it with instant loading is also a good strategy as every day people are using fewer desktops and more cell phones to browse the internet.


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