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REBRANDING MY BLOG- or how I changed the meaning of SEO

REBRANDING MY BLOG- or how I changed the meaning of SEO

I started this website a few months ago, with a clear goal in mind, that I should write about SEO, digital marketing, and all of those other strategies. As you can see on my website, I wrote about basics of SEO, SEO strategies, few interviews about SEO careers and so on. I continued working on a blog, but writing a post for it was the least interesting part for me. I felt stuck, to be honest. And It’s not like I made any money with it or anything. It was just there and I felt uninspired to do anything with it. I couldn’t even remember the reason I started writing about SEO in the first place. I was hoping that I would learn it and master it thanks to the blog. That’s funny because I think I was never truly interested in the topic I was writing about. I think I started it with more practical goals in mind, which is a first mistake I made. I thought it was a specific theme, it is up to date, people are interested in those things, it’s useful, and it’s specific enough so I can focus just on that, and get readers, get ads on my website and I will be earning money. And even if I don’t earn money, I can always use my blog as a portfolio.



You can see all of the reasons I mentioned. They are all practical, and there is not one thing that would keep me motivated to write. I was not honest with myself, and I kept working on my website. It took me so long to write one post. Not to write it, actually just to sit and to start writing. I was doing that but I was not sure why anymore. But the blogging is not just about writing a post.  I enjoyed every other part of it. Promoting the blog, on Facebook groups and Instagram, I could spend hours reading about it, researching affiliate programs, connecting with new people, working on my Instagram profile, and so on. So, I knew I wanted to do blogging, but the problem was, I’m stuck with this SEO digital marketing thing.


Me neither… That was the problem,  I couldn’t admit to myself that I wanted to stop because I already paid for everything, and I still have almost a year with this domain and hosting. Buying a new domain and hosting was not an option because I don’t want to throw the money I don’t have on the things I might never use. What if I change my mind again and I decide I don’t like the blog I’m working on? Buy a new domain and hosting again? Well, luckily I’m not rich enough to do that even if I wanted. So, I needed to work with the things I had. Website about digital marketing, SEO if I’m being precise, a domain that goes with it, and no money. But, at least I was honest with myself, and this time I knew what I wanted to write about.


I wanted to share my own experiences, to expand my blog, to write about things I’m interested in. Okay, so what am I interested in? Variety of things. Everything, if I’m being honest. I like to think I’m curious at least. So, I wanna be able to share everything I’ve learned, lived or anything that will come.Maybe it’s going to be useless, or shitty,  but at least I will be doing it for myself, which is the only thing that will be important this time. So, that’s one advice about blogging- if you’re interested in million things, and you can’t decide what is a specific thing you’re going to write about, then don’t. Yeah, I know, some of you might say it’s a bad advice, even I said that in my previous posts, it’s bad for the SEO bla bla. It’s okay. Then you should focus on promoting your blog as a lifestyle one, and you’ll be able to write about more things, not just to master the specific one. Who says you can’t master them all?

And finally, the reason I consider myself lucky.

I was feeling bad because I was not working on my website, at all. The last post was one month ago. And I didn’t even promote it. So, I finally said to myself that I don’t want to do it anymore. You might call it quitting, giving up, not sticking to anything for too long. Yeah, I am going to say the same. And when I finally decided to give up, I felt so much better. Because I didn’t need to pressure myself into writing about things I don’t like, I’m not interested in and don’t even have that much knowledge about. I decided to rebrand my blog and to be about the things I could actually write about. And then, just in one random moment, when I stopped thinking about it, it came to my head. Learn in S-spiritual, E-ecological, O-observational (I’m actually thinking about that word) Village.

It might not be making much sense to you, but for me, it was waking up. I will be explaining more about it in the new posts that will be coming in the next days.

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39 thoughts on “REBRANDING MY BLOG- or how I changed the meaning of SEO”

  • I am happy you realised that writing posts about things you are not intressted of will not last very long. My first blog was a mummy blog and I was not very inspired because all I was writing about was my days as a stay at home mum…which is not very fun. Now I am so passionate about my travel blog. I hardly finish writing a post before I look forward for the next. I hope your new will make you happy!

  • Ah I have been through this so many times and money can seem like an impossible hurdle to jump over. The main thing to realize is that it is ok to fall out of love with blogging and take time out as it will help you feel so much more refreshed. Good luck with re-branding hun x

  • I agree that you should definitely do what you’re passionate about even if it doesn’t seem like the most practical option. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do great 😀

  • This is great advice, I’m in the throws of a rebranding and it’s all starting to get a little hectic. This has really helped me calm down and realign my thoughts. It’s comforting to know that someone else struggles with their writing too.

  • There’s no point just doing something because you feel you have to, there’s always ways around and you can buy a new domain and use your same hosting so you wouldn’t be missing out too much x

  • Agree! You gotta love what you do. You got to feel it. No point in forcing yourself into something. You score success and satisfaction when you are doing something from your heart. All the best!

  • I can totally connect with you on this blogging topic. I also write myself and spending money on 1 makes me exhausted. Because cannot think of another, but it is a nice activity to keep busy. Yes sometimes we bloggers are lucky also. Interesting post.

    • Well, you should not be exhausted from writing a blog. Find a topic that will make you feel high and passionate 🙂

  • Good on you for facing the problem head on! It’s not easy but I’m happy for you, that you’d found enlightenment and direction. Looking forward to what your blog shapes up to be!

  • I often find it true that the pressure to post regularly and promote like crazy takes away the initial fun an drive which made us start. Good you decided to take a step back. Good luck, I’m looking forward to reading all the intriguing SEO posts 🙂 x

    • Thank you so much 🙂 Pressure is real 🙂 But I guess at least we have a choice and we can write about topics we want 🙂

  • So happy that you realized what you loved and moved in that direction. I’ve seen many bloggers write posts just to write , but its great to write of something you really are passionate of!

    • Thank you so much 🙂 I believe there will be some tough moments, giving up and not having ideas, but It’s okay, at least I decided to move forward, right? 🙂

  • I’m super happy that you’re not giving up and glad that you realized that blogging about something you don’t enjoy doesn’t always work out on the end. I know some are lucky, but the vast majority of bloggers took a while to figure out what exactly they love blogging about! My first year of blogging had its ups and downs, and it wasn’t until almost two months ago that Identified that I love blogging about China and traveling! NICE Rebrand <3

    • Thank you so much. Yeah, I agree with you. The point is to keep blogging, and it can take you to amazing places. Like, could you imagine blogging about China when you started ?: )

  • I’ve recently gone through the stuck/uninspired to blog feelings so really changed the way I look at things. I’ve been blogging over 10 years now and I thought I had to “stick with what I know” but I’ve been trying new things recently and it’s really working for me.

    Ami xxx

  • I think that it takes some time until you find out what you really love to write about and you can consider the beginning of your journey as practice. Yes, you didn’t really like it but it did take you to the point where you are now. Rebranding is always great, especially when you decided what your passion is!

  • You are true, we should never give up on what we like or on what we are doing right now. I too agree that sometimes our passion is not giving us the results we want, but surely one day it will.

  • It wasn’t until recently that I realised I am a lifestyle blogger. And it was really through your description of it that really solidified it for me!

  • Good for you for stopping to really consider what you wanted for your little corner of the internet. For me, when I’m writing about things I think my audience wants to hear, as opposed to topics I’m truly interested in .. it’s night and day different. When I write from the heart, my blog is a space I want to come back to time and time again. It’ll be fun to follow along! x

  • There’s nothing wrong with wanting to rebrand yourself and the fact that ”you got lucky” is just a sign from the universe you’re on the right path. Everything works itself out eventually and I’m excited to follow your journey

  • I totally understand where you’re coming from being uninspired. But sometimes you have to tweak what you have and make it work in your favor. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you have in mind for the future.

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