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I never thought I would become vegan. That didn’t happen over night, and I never made a strict decision. I never said, from tomorrow, I would change my eating habits completely. It was a process and when I think about it, it happened spontaneously.  One day,  I  realized that I don’t want to eat meat anymore. I was sick of it, and I was just feeling that I don’t need it anymore.The meat was part of almost every meal I had. So, I ate it three times a day, and I never really thought about changing my habits or to start paying more attention. So, when I felt like I need to change something, I decided to eat meat only once a week. That lasted for two months maybe. Then I realized  I don’t need meat anymore. I still ate fish from time to time, but that also lasted shortly. Still, the hardest part was dairy products. I couldn’t imagine living without cheese, sour cream, and things like that. But actually, it wasn’t that hard. I decided that I will try eating dairy products only once a week, but when I started days with vegan food, I gave up dairy products completely. I’m still at the beginning but I already feel the change. It made me more aware of food choices,  I learned a lot of new recipes, and I started eating more responsibly. I’m glad that I made this decision, and I still have a lot to learn but for me, veganism is not a phase, like a starving diet, I think about it as a way of life and a process of learning.

I don’t think that is impossible to switch from meat eating to vegan diet in one day, I guess for a lot of people worked that way. But in my case, that was a process of switching from one thing to another until I realized what works for me best. I still think I have a lot to learn, and I become interested in raw vegan food, but I don’t think I’m ready to completely switch to that. Not yet.

Comparing meat eating and plant based food, I would say that eating meat was much easier. I didn’t need to think about what I eat and I was completely unconscious about my choices. Yes, it was easier, but I’m grateful for making my decision because it made me realize how little we need in order to start living our lives more responsible and healthier.

As some of you might now, I rebranded my website and one part of it be completely dedicated to food.  This is just a beginning of my road and I  just wanted to share a small post about my personal experience. In next days and weeks, I will be sharing recipes and things dedicated to veganism.

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7 thoughts on “ROAD TO VEGANISM”

  • Love your down to earth and honest writing! It’s so refreshing to read your journey to veganism and that it didn’t just happen overnight. Kudos!

  • Very interesting to read about the process… I don’t know much about Veganism so I enjoyed hearing about your day to day transformation.

  • Thanks for sharing your journey. I have always thought about the benefits of this but l live in such a meat loving family l don’t think it would ever be possible. Good on you and good luck

  • I’m was born in a vegetarian family; hence, I never got to eat any meat or anything and I know I survived that (not that I regret it). But, it is definitely not easy for me to be vegan at the moment, maybe I can someday. Thanks for sharing this post! 🙂

  • I’m kind of going the same way, eating vegan every so often but I’m not stetting any strict no animal rules. I am finding myself wanting less meat though and enjoying much more vegetable based dishes. I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed your journey 🙂

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